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Inbar Bakal Latest News: “Song of Songs” makes NPR’s The Echoes top ten song list of 2009!

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, her half Yemenite and Iraqi roots make her musical journey quite unique. The Jewish Yemenite culture is known for its musical tradition and strong devotion to the Torah. She started as a child singer where she was a member of the “Li-Ron Choir” and gained advanced classical training as she participated in International Musical Festivals throughout the Middle East and Europe.

Inbar later served 4 years with the Israeli Air Force where she was the first female officer ever in the Anti-Aircraft Combat Division, then a First Lieutenant in Military Intelligence Specializing in Public and International Relations. Since relocating to Southern California in 2003, she has been marrying biblical texts about yearning for love and a home for the Jewish people with old Yemenite melodies which complement each other beautifully in this special and heartfelt album. Every text, tune, and melody has come from the deepest place of the soul. Singing in Hebrew and finding a unique world music sound.