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Gabriel Johnson Latest News: “Fra_ctured” now out!

If graduating from the New England Conservatory or being the featured trumpet soloist for Director Clint Eastwood on several of his films wasn’t enough to get your attention, Gabriel Johnson has now pushed his trumpet playing and passion for electronic music into a groundbreaking debut instrumental album. Fra_ctured is a mix of melodic bliss, head-nodding grooves, aggressively-driven rhythms, and harmony sprinkled with dirt and noise. Gabriel’s style has been touted as a fresh mashup of the hyperdub beats of Squarepushe and the ambient explorations of trumpeter Jon Hassell.

Through various recording sessions, Gabriel became associated with record producer and electronic musician Carmen Rizzo, who fell in love with his sound, and upon hearing the record immediately offered to mix and release it on his own Electrofone label. Get ready to experience the trumpet in a whole new lo-fi and highly stylized light.